Oli 1995-2001

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The Oli dining version functions as a cabinet that satisfies both aesthetical and practical needs. It can be used as a glass cabinet to house dinner services, ceramics and other precious crockery to be kept on show. Another solution lies in the opposite alternative whereby everything is hidden from view.

The Oli in the living room setting allows one to create ad hoc solutions through flexible configurations, which can be used for completely different purposes. For example, Oli meets the needs of the collector who needs to store precious objects. At the same time, it is ideal as a bookcase or as a dedicated area for the Hi-Fi, or the home theatre. In any case, versatility is the quality that makes Oli suitable to meet so many different living needs through its personalised solutions.

The Oli modular system allows the creation of a highly functional office area. The linear shape and the sobriety of the design result in a classy environment that can be designed according to your needs to facilitate thoughts and concentration. At the same time, the structural qualities of Oli make it a practical and innovative piece that exceeds the most demanding needs. As an example, the Oli drawers with electronic locking system, also available with the filing system component, enable one to insert his or her personal code to guarantee the maximum privacy when keeping important documents.

The Oli version of the wardrobe is characterised by versatility, a quality that grants elegance, practicality and personalisation. The final result is a designer wardrobe able to reflect the most intimate requirements, thanks to all the solutions made available through the various elements, such as shelves for hanging clothes or placing objects, wooden coat hangers and box containers in natural leather.


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